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Hallo from England - sometimes Saxony !
Thanks to Andy [ Kaptain Kwak ] I now have my twin plug head and the donor late engine for the Glemseck project - N  I   C  E

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here is the underside of the head - several people have asked to see it. The next time you see this view it will be shiny !

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The belly pan finally arrived [ snowed in ! :Smile ] and I got the fuel cell mocked up. Works out at 2.144 Imp gallons with a simple shape. Also room for the battery and or some electrics - the fuel pump is one obvious candidate. Just need to offer it all up to the rolling [ almost ] chassis as POC. The fuel fill pipe will come up behind the engine and there'll be a cut-out in the seat for access - central oil tank style.

Not long now before my pal is off to the US to work on his property - so I need to get as much done as possible before he goes. I've commissioned a set of +20% stronger clutch springs - see what they come out at price wise. Oh yes and the wire is a far better quality than the OEM springs. Wink

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First POC fitting. Fairing will go back 75mm from present position [ see black marker ] and will allow a longer fuel cell giving me 2.5 imp gallons ]. Fuel pump [s] will go in the front section. Once the final position has been decided, I will start to make the cosmetic mods to the fairing.The plan is for the filler tube to go behind the engine and come up into the seat area just behind the tank. Like the old central oil tank fillers for Manx and Gold Star.

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A bit more work on the position of the belly fairing / fuel cell. 

The spare frame and dummy engine has now been set up in my shed so I can work on it while my pal is away in the US.

The fairing will be closed in front and back and the fuel cell will come right to the back of the fairing. The fairing will be 25cms higher so will cover the lower frame tubes.

I will be able to work on the detailing while my friend is away as I now have a duplicate bike to work with !

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Hi TJ,

2.5 cm higher should be sufficient to cover the lower frame tubes Wink
25 cm higher will cover half of the crankcase.

That "belly tank" will give you the freedom to chose anything for the space where the stock fuel tank sits / sat.
What is the plan for that ?
Two nitro bottles, fixed with a leather belt ?

I am curious Wink

Cheers, Michael
Michael - please excuse my ignorance with metric measurements !!!! I am old fashioned - feet and inches, pints etc. Yes - cover the lower frame rails. !!

You are nearly correct - only ONE NOS bottle under the "tank" and all the electrics / controllers.
I am pretty certain I can get the gel battery and the fuel pump in the belly fairing, but everything else will be laid out under the Manx "tank" or seat.

I hope to have the bike mocked up again in my shed in the next 2 weeks. To be honest - it depends how much snow / ice we get ! My shed is VERY cold.
another step closer ............

My pal's off on Monday [ big shopping list ! ] and I got the last of the parts back at the weekend. Had a good day today and got the old frame mocked up with the dummy motor etc - pretty well as it was in the Red frame.

Things are quite clear in my head now - the belly tank will work spot on [ another 3" of ground clearance from picture ] and I'll certainly get the fuel pump in there. Battery coming back tomorrow and I can measure that up to see if it will fit in there as well. I'll gradually get all the other parts and bodywork sorted and brackets made while he's away, so we can simply switch it back to the bike knowing [ ?? !! ] it will fit. Measuring up for the front spindle tomorrow and also the head steadies. I have another '82 engine that is complete and assembled - that'll be the Weber version while the second '82 engine [ partially stripped ] will be completely stripped ready to be rebuilt for the blower.

Unfortunately I have to come in front of the downtubes - but anyway's today's effort ! The masking tape doesn't quite hold the line firm enough :Smile, but here's the rough plan. Amazing what you can do with some random bends, an angle grinder, some masking tape and some round pipe lagging [ inside ]. Wink I'm hoping to be able to ship the assembly off to someone who knows what they're doing to tidy it up and get it welded. I have a complete spare set of random bends for them to work with.

Back to the belly fairing next. I need to finalise the actual fuel cell size and shape then I'll get the mounting brackets made. Once that's all rigid I can mock up the various cosmetic closures and panels.

belly fairing - with first closure panels. 

NOW THE FUN BEGINS ........ nitrous Oxide system from Drag Race 1100cc H-D. I have jets for - 25, 50, 75, 125, and 175 bhp !!!!!

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