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Hallo from England - sometimes Saxony !
Michael - big thanx to you and Carsten for your input. I do love it when various minds come together.

My pal Adrian [ boss at RAM ] is coming to see me tomorrow and part of MY discussion will be the special body RAMSHOX I need for this job - and also the twin shox for the Glemseck bike. Great to have friends eh ?? !!

Yes - the "Live CAM" !!!!! - Hard to believe I am a qualified engineering Draughtsman and development design engineer of some 45 years experience !

How could such a man design and manufacture things like this  ................

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The special RAMSHOX unit arrived today Big Grin based on a BMW Oilhead  front unit.

The plan I have is valid, but I need a shock with a 2" longer [ thread ] body and a 35mm instead of 55mm bottom extension. That's a stock base unit so essentially off the shelf for next time I go down there. That gives me 4 1/2" of travel and as much adjustment as I need.

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Question - should I create a separate thread for the cafe Creme build ?

The RAMSHOX unit is designed so that the bottom [ yoke ] mount platform can be bolted in solid [ some car applications ]. So I do have the option of mounting the shock that way with the eye fitting at the top.

The fuel cell for the Glemseck project had to be relocated as the regulations will not allow fitting under the frame. It will now fit in the space behind the engine. I got quotes from 3 Uk based companies for a tank to be made 8.5" x 8.5" x 10". Quotes were £125, £145 and £175 with 2 -3 week delivery. Ordered this off the shelf item from Chinabay on the 17th. ............. arrived today !  £56 delivered.
Mine does NOT have the electric fuel level sender unit.

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Hi TJ,

I would appreciate if you would create a separate thread for the "Cafe Creme" Wink
That would it make much easier to follow this project.

BTW: What do you mean with fuel cell ?
Is it a nickname for the fuel tank ?
Fuel cell (Brennstoffzelle) is an electro-chemical device that derives electric power from gas, e.g. hydrogen (Wasserstoff).

Cheers, Michael
Yes - thought that Michael, but I was not certain if I could do that. Is it possible to move the Cafe Creme related topics over from here ?

So this will be the last here on the Glemseck thread and I will duplicate it on a new Cafe Creme thread.

By the way - I am going to steal your phrase "Live-CAM" !!!!!

Yes fuel cell is another word for fuel tank - mostly used in car applications and non traditional bike "tanks". The Chinabay unit will sit behind the engine and above the swing arm.

Once the shock unit was in hand - immediately alternative methods became obvious. :Smile

So the obvious is to mount the shock the other way up using the bottom yoke platform as the rigid attachment to the H-D style springer hoop and a simple bracket at the top end. That way the springer / shock becomes a rigid unit and can only move in a vertical and parallel motion.

We will need a shorter top mounting extension  [ which is a stock item ] and relevant length spring and we're GTG.

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